Foodporn Friday ★ My Life in Pictures Week #2

June 22, 2012


Happy Friday everyone! In my previous post I mentioned about following a plan to lose weight; meaning the Foodporn Friday posts may be less interesting in the weeks to come. >.< So on this last week of “interesting” food, I have loads of pics to share! ^_^

~ family & I went to Cheesecake Factory for Father’s Day ♥

made my first ever batch of buttermilk pancakes! ^_^

after a morning swim, my best friend & I were craving Chipotle

(I got a chicken bowl w/brown rice, lettuce, cheese, hot sauce, guacamole, & corn salsa. Next time I’ll skip the rice  –> too heavy)

I planned on skipping dinner the day I ate Chipotle, but my fam wanted to go out and I can never resist this neighborhood restaurant! Best fried rice ever! ♥

Remember how I said I didn’t care for Dunkin’ iced coffee?

Well, I changed my mind. I love the caramel iced coffee.

(not all mine; my dad and best friend’s, lolz)

Today I FINALLY tried the strawberry poppyseed & chicken salad from Panera and love it so much! ♥

~ but next time I’ll order it without pineapple…

I ordered “You Pick Two” & chose the roasted turkey & avocado blt; didn’t like it that much >.<

Now I’ll share a few other pics from my week!

my best friend and I started goin to the pool; fun exercise!

the place where we swim has beautiful outdoor scenery ♥

It’s been super hot this past week, meaning there’s been a lot of bugs in the house >.<

~ but also meaning there have been many cute bunnies around the neighborhood! ^_^

Well, that’s it! Next week my Friday post will be about everything I’m currently loving entertainment wise, so…stay tuned for that!



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