Planning Ahead

The first time I wrote down my life goals on this blog was July 12, 2012 – almost two years ago. Since that time not much has changed in my life but my goals changed. I am unsure whether they became more realistic or unrealistic – that is for whoever happens to stumble upon this blog to decide…..

01. Being a college student, my top priority at the moment is to finish school. I currently have no plans for graduate school so the next two school years ahead of me may be the last as well.

02. I hope to be able to travel someday; I am open to many countries. One of my friends and I are planning to go to South Korea after graduation (kind of like a self-gift lol). We have already begun our research on interesting places to visit. ^_^

03. This is more of a necessity than something I would love to be doing at the moment and that is getting a job. I have a list of applications to fill out so hopefully I am able to get a summer job to start saving up.

04. The fourth goal I have is to post on this blog more often. I do not have any followers and I won’t lie and say it doesn’t matter to me. Not having people read what you write about results in having no motivation. But as a communication major I know this blog may look good on my resume or may be helpful in a future class. Just writing here in general will help my skills improve…^_^ This goes along with my blog, but I hope to be able to film and upload more videos on my youtube channel. It is good practice in terms of being in front of a camera and I do love to talk, lol.