After School: First Love (애프터스쿨-첫사랑) Inspired Outfits

July 12, 2013


I can’t even remember when was the last time I did a fashion post, but here I am now!

So many k-pop groups have been making their 2013 comebacks, especially since March. After School made their comeback about a month ago with the song “First Love” and I really enjoy listening to it. I feel bad they never got #1 with this song; they put in so much effort in all their dances, and “First Love” was no exception, as they spent months learning how to pole dance.

Anyways, one day I was in Forever21 with my friends…you know…just browsing around when I came across a crop top similar to one Raina wore at one of the comeback stages. I immediately bought it because it was too cute to pass up. This inspired me to do a lookbook. I went ahead and bought high waisted shorts and another crop top and viola, here’s the lookbook!

*Hyuna from 4Minute also wore the same crop top as Raina in their “Is It Poppin?” music video.


YouTube Preview Image

side note: was listening to INFINITE’s “Destiny” album official preview as I wrote this post –> so excited for the mv to be released next Tuesday! WOOHYUN ♡

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