Serious Foodporn Part Two

July 11, 2013

more sushi from that same night n_n

As the title says, this is part two of the intense foodspam….let’s get right down to business.

made Japanese shrimp tatsutaage (crispy fried shrimpy) and kimchi fried rice for mom and I’s dinner

baked red velvet heart-shaped cookies and chocolate cupcakes for Valentine’s Day to give out to friends and family this year

my favorite cookies to bake: chocolate-chip toffee cookies (use Ghiradelli or any other premium chocolate bc it def makes a difference!)

went out for sushi for my friend Nina’s 20th birthday

more sushi from that same night n_n

it’s all you can eat sushi!

birthday cake after the sushi dinner. It was also Monica’s younger sister’s birthday so their mom bought a cake for her and Nina.

Whenever my friend Ting and I carpooled I would bring my breakfast to school bc her first class was at 8am; yummy oatmeal with soymilk, bananas, flax seed, and almonds <3

quick snack! Being Filipino there’s no way we can’t have Skyflake crackers at out house, lolz.

light but hearty lunch: mini bagel with friend egg and 2 slices of Filipino beef steak/bistek) and SRIRACHA (my holy grail condiment) <3

korean dumplings (mandu) and steamed fish cakes for lunch

cornmeal pancakes :)

Made some soup for mom and I – turned out really good!

Mom and I went out to lunch one Saturday; I don’t remember what this soup is called >.<

from the same lunch as above ^^ BEST cornbread ever~

Prior to this lunch, mom and I had ate solely Asian food for 2 weeks so we devoured everything this day, including this delicious spaghetti.

breakfast at home: cornmeal panckes, fried eggs, ham, bistek, and blackberries

back when I was doing a better job at eating healthy: love this combination of Filipino dried mango, dried coconut, almonds, and fresh blackberries n_n

black coffee to get me through a long school day (photo rotator is being stupid at the moment -.-)

Filipino garlic fried rice and tocino, steamed carrots and cauliflower for dinner

healthy snack: apple slices, bananas, and blackberries

pasta :)

My dad always orders calamari wherever we go; this place’s calamari never disappoints ^_^

I love going out for breakfast or brunch; my mom’s omelette (can’t remember the exact name)

my order: strawberry cream cheese french toast <3

I actually really enjoy simple food over fancy and extravagant dishes.
(after school)lunch: chicken adobo topped w/fried egg, mini wheat bagel w/strawberry jam, and Nescafe 3-in-1 instant coffee

was not impressed with Starbucks’s Hazelnut Macchiato. Pass the hazelnut syrup on top of the whip cream, it tasted like a regular macchiato….

baked banana muffins again :)

Cheesecake Factory! I believe this is their cobb salad – whatever it is, it was super good!

my bro’s order at Cheesecake Factory: chicken and biscuits – does not look that appetizing in the picture, but I assure you, it tastes very good.

And we are done with part two! Parts three and four should be up sometime Friday or Saturday…I cannot slack on this, lolz.






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