Serious Foodporn Part One

July 11, 2013

I haven’t been posting my Monthly Noms and probably won’t continue with the monthly spam of food pictures. I have two reasons behind this decision.

1) I am trying (keyword: trying) to eat healthier/diet. I have decided to do weekly posts so I can easily keep track of what I am eating.

2) It is seriously a pain to upload so many pictures on my laptop, and then onto here for one long post.

But right now, I’m going to post every picture of food on my phone prior to this week (week 1 of diet attempt) so that I can delete them all off my phone and retrieve more space/memory for the upcoming INFINITE album, omfg.

I have to split this into 4 posts because there are just too many pictures…*_*

Here it goes…


This was actually New Year’s Day w/my friend Monica! I love fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce.

Also from New Year’s Day! My two friends (Monica and Priya) and I decided to make cake pops ^_^

chocolate cake pops: before and after being dipped in chocolate~

shrimp and chicken fried rice from a little Chinese place near my house

they have one of the best smelts i’ve ever tasted!

i LOVE this dish: salted fish and tofu

Cobb salad from California Pizza Kitchen; it’s hard to go wrong with anything from their menu~

baked some french toast muffins ~ perfect w/coffee for breakfast

also baked some chocolate muffins the same day! I was looking for a recipe that’d allow me to start using up some Starbucks Hot Cocoa powder and these muffins definitely didn’t disappoint.

I think I only took a pic of this because I had intended on uploading on instagram but never did…the Pokke coffee was too sweet >.< but the popcorn from Costco was super yummy~

at my bro’s campus; you can make your own soup (choose the broth, noodles, meat, etc)

my parents went to Vegas and brought home In-N-Out for my bro and I! Of course, fresh is always better, but this was still SOOO good ^_^

Pho near my University ~ perfect for the cold, winter days <3

20th birthday dinner! :) the sweet potato tater-tots were so good

I believe this was my parents’ order from the birthday dinner

my brother wanted to order this …from what I remember it was much smaller than the picture on the menu >.<

Complimentary birthday dessert! (post-edited for instagram)… I was really down on my birthday because Infinite was all the way in California while I was stuck somewhere else….

My birthday is January 18th and my mom’s is the 20th and we went to Cheesecake Factory on hers. The complimentary dessert was so cute w/the colorful sprinkles and all, lolz.

There is a buffet about one hour from my house and it’s amazing! Just look at the food *_*

they have huge crabs there as well!

first time trying an iced caramel macchiato – couldn’t believe i was missing out all these years -.-

slice of bread and fried egg mixed in w/kimchi for lunch

leftover pasta for lunch (I usually ate lunch alone a few times a week bc my bro was away at school, mom was working, and around this time dad was in the Philippines)

i love instant coffee…usually drink it as dessert: Nescafe <3

tofu, bok choy, sweet potato, and chicken sausage for a healthy and satisfying lunch ^_^

slice of bread and Filipino (eggplant) torta …first time cooking this was a FAIL

a donut my school was selling: maple & bacon – didn’t buy it but took a pic to show my brother who loves bacon, lolz.

slice of bread topped with fried egg, kimchi, and bok choy & tofu stir fry

I am not fond of Chili’s but whenever I go there I forget about dieting and pig out on their ” Honey-Chipotle Crispy Chicken Crispers”

It annoys the shit out of me that I can’t remember where this bread is from because I totally remember that I liked it quite a lot…


And that’s it for the first of my Serious Foodporn posts! I’ll have part 2 posted by the end of the night.

<3 Steph



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