Monthly Noms: July 2012

August 3, 2012

Family BBQ Desserts

Loooong time no post; so sorry but I was in the process of transferring the blog to my own domain. But now everything is pretty much finished with and I can post as much as I want! Remember how I started “Foodporn Fridays”? Well, I decided to scratch that concept and create Monthly Noms at the end of each month, for the simple reason that there are some weeks the food I eat is rather uninteresting. I got the idea from Melody, who runs a very cute blog. ^_^ So here is a round up of the food I ate this past month!

Eating healthy

I was eating super healthy at the very beginning of July. I love Japanese sweet potatoes and spinach. I usually get protein from Chobani Greek Yogurt; my favorite flavors are strawberry and blueberry! On the top left photo, I ate my sweet potato with brocoli and tofu ~ so yummy! I was rather disappointed with the salmon and avocado wrap from whole foods; definitely not worth the money as there is more wrap than fillings. :(

At Home

Whenever I needed something to satisfy my craving for something sweet I turned towards Haagen Daz chocolate peanut butter ice cream and Nature Valley’s dark chocolate – peanut butter granola things. I absolutely love the combo of chocolate and peanut butter, so one granola thing or spoon of ice cream was more than enough for me! I don’t each ramen as much as I used to because it is totally not diet friendly, but I treated myself to some Shin Raymun this month ~ favorite instant ramen because it’s super spicy and delicious! ^_^ My dad also started making Philly cheesesteaks at home. The beef in one would give me a sufficient amount of protein for the day. Soo good, hehe.

Family party & Golfers’ picnic

 L: Filipino desserts halo-halo & matamis na saging. Matamis na saging literally translates to sweet banana.

R: My dad is addicted to golf and the golfers hold an annual picnic every summer –> Filipino spaghetti, shrimp ceviche, sweet plantains, and fried tilapia.


I didn’t bake as much as I did in June. Made some muffins using Chobani greek yogurt. To be honest these muffins didn’t turn out as good as I expected them too. But the strawberry cream cheese cookies in the middle picture were …scrumptious! I could eat them everyday. ^_^ My friends and I had another baking day and made peanut butter cookies with mini Reese’s on top. Obviously these cookies were awesome because of my love for peanut butter and chocolate together!


Being a total coffee addict I was completely overwhelmed when the breakfast cafe I went to this month served Intelligentsia coffee! If you’ve never had it before, I recommend you get your hands on some asap as it is absolutely AMAZING. ♥♥♥ Visited every coffee place near this month; Starbucks, Caribou, & Dunkin’.

Family BBQ

Last weekend my dad decided to host a family bbq. I love family get togethers; enjoying good food and each others’ company is always relaxing. The chicken wings (top right) were so tender and juicy!

Family BBQ Desserts

My uncle’s birthday was the weekend before the BBQ so we bought him a little Oreo cake. Being an Oreo cake it was automatically loved by the little …and big kids. XD Also had matamis na saging and brownies.

Eating Out

My family and I tend to eat out on the weekends but surprisingly we ate out on a few weekdays this past month. Center photo is of our dinner at Cheesecake Factory. First and second top photos are from Red Lobster (btw I was totally disappointed in their food. It was dry and bland >.<) Top left if from when my cousin and her husband visited us and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings which is so unhealthy but sooo good and satisfying. Middle row left if of an omelette at a local breakfast place and middle right is of an Asian salad from Noodles & Co. Bottom two photos are from a meal at Chili’s. (My family and I enjoy chain restaurants a bit too much…o_O)


I never understood why Panera was always so crowded until I started Uni last year. It’s convenient and the food tastes good. While it’s not the cheapest $, it delivers quick and satisfying meals. Whenever I decide to treat myself I usually consider eating a bagel with some cream cheese from Panera. Pictured above is their Cinnamon Crunch bagel with Honey Walnut Cream Cheese. But my all time favorite dish from Panera is their seasonal Strawberry Poppyseed Salad which is too good to be true. ♥♥ I have a hard time eating vegetables but this salad is my type of salad lolz. It contains walnuts, strawberries, blueberries and other delicious and healthy goodies! ^_^

~Well, that’s it for July’s Yum Noms! I hope you enjoyed reading. Sorry the pictures are bit small. I am still getting used to editing them and such…Anyways I can’t wait to see what delicious food I’ll eat this month. Although, I can’t say I’m looking forward to school in 3 weeks :(.

Till next time,


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