Monthly Noms: September 2012 Part One

October 7, 2012

The Clubhouse: Seafood Cobb Salad - the pic does not do this $19 salad justice! This is the best salad I have ever eaten in my entire life! "Shrimp, Jumbo Lump Crab Meat, Mixed Greens, 
Plum Tomatoes, Green Onions, Blue Cheese Crumbles, 
Smokehouse Bacon, Black Olives, Hard Boiled Egg, Avocado, 
Ranch Dressing"

I am soooo not proud of myself …

I have neglected this blog, and have only been posting monthly noms recently – and I am even late on posting those.

But this month, I do have a reason: SCHOOL.

Too much work, too much studying…but there’s no such thing as too much food, right?



Like last August’s Monthly Noms, September will be split into two parts because there is an over-abundance of pictures. The pics are not categorized, just in chronological order. ^_^


The Clubhouse: Seafood Cobb Salad – the pic does not do this $19 salad justice! This is the best salad I have ever eaten in my entire life! “Shrimp, Jumbo Lump Crab Meat, Mixed Greens, Plum Tomatoes, Green Onions, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Smokehouse Bacon, Black Olives, Hard Boiled Egg, Avocado, Ranch Dressing”

Bro’s order


Mom’s order


Dad’s order


BBQ chicken my uncle cooked & a leftover monte cristo! yum! ^_^


my all time favorite Panera dish ♥ no longer available b/c it’s fall…
I’m so sad I’ll have to wait till next summer to eat this again.


Sushi & Bubble Tea ♥ always the most satisfying and delicious of noms!! ^_^


been drinking a lot of milk tea lately….*sighs* so delicious but i must stop in order to lose weight >.<
anyways to the left is my milk tea and on the right is my parents’ avocado bubble tea!


Shrimp & EEL fried rice! I absolutely LOVE eel! I could eat it everyday..♥♥


fried red snapper :D


treated myself this past month to a whole wheat bagel w/strawberry cream cheese from Dunkin! ♥


My aunt & uncle came over for dinner one night and brought us Shepard’s pie. It was my first time eating it and I must say it’s quite good. ^_^ I think it’d be perfect on a super cold winter night, around the best time to eat warm comfort foods.


These cupcakes are amazing! ♥ Cookies n cream, Dulce de leche…and unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the pink and green one – but it was so good! It was a strawberry cake base and had a hint of lime in the frosting. ^_^


Hot and Cold Salad; I could seriously eat this everyday and never grow tired of it!
Lolz, I wish I could eat it everyday so I’d lose weight faster O_o


one of my mom’s favorite seafoods is scallops


My bro loves anything with a citrus kick in it so he decided to order lemon chicken. I usually avoid anything with a tangy or citrus-y flavor but this was delicious. The lemon flavor was not too strong and the chicken was perfectly crunchy without being too crispy.


Korean Honey Plum & Honey Citron tea


I had the leftover lemon chicken for lunch the other day. I had a fried egg along with my whole wheat toast – topped with a Sriracha heart ♥ :p


I feel like granola bars are ridiculously priced; you can get a small box with 5-6 bars for $3-5, but this huge box from Costco only costs $10 (or a bit more) and contains way more bars!


One of my dinners. I called this ” a poor man’s dinner” b/c it totally fit the saying about eating like a queen for breakfast, a commoner for lunch, and a beggar for dinner. I mean, what could be a simpler meal than some chicken, half a sweet potato…and some chestnuts? lolz


Well that’s it for Part One! I’ll have Part Two up soon.

Till next time,




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