Monthly Noms: August 2012 Part Two

September 13, 2012

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Here is part two of this past month’s Monthly Noms!

~ I only have 2 categories for part two, but each has so many pictures that 2 categories in one post is definitely enough.

Home cooking 

Filipino sopas - basically soup using macaroni noodles and whatever leftover veggies & meet you have. I add hot sauce for an extra kick!

My dad and I love soup! One night I ate tilapia and his homemade egg drop soup; of course I had to add chili oil!

One of my favorite comfort foods! Filipino arroz-caldo. Another version of Chinese congee. Topping mine with a hardboiled egg and plenty of ground black pepper is a must! ^_^ This is especially great for those cold winter months.

~kind of random; one night my mom asked me to boil some canned corn and I thought it looked cool XD

During the week days my dad is the cook of the kitchen. His bifstek is super yummy; my bro loves it!

I was still a very dedicated healthy eater in August hence this very minimalistic meal; whole wheat toast with a small piece of beef and tilapia on the side….along with the necessary chili oil! ^_^

~another healthier meal near the beginning of the month; whole wheat toast, fruit, a few tortilla chips and chicken dip.

A serving of Costco’s olive oil & rosemary bread with their rotisserie chicken on the side! This was such a simple yet flavorful meal, especially with the edition of chili oil and olive oil + parmesan cheese for dipping the bread in! ♥♥♥

One of my more recently discovered comfort foods, peanut butter and jelly – pb&j! ♥ I never liked pb&j as a child but I have been lovin’ it since last year. I only like it once toasted wheat bread though.

Eating Out

My family and I eat out so much, but we try to control portion size and whatnot in an effort to make ourselves feel better, ha.


The bread from Carrabba’s is sooo good! Always freshly baked and out of the oven!

Calamari; my dad loves trying out calamari from every restaurant.

I can’t remember the exact name of this but I believe it’s parmesan crusted chicken & zucchini on the side;; this was my dish and it was AMAZING. ^_^

I can’t remember the name of this dish either (bro’s) >.< Sorry, but I know their garlic mashed potatoes are really good as well.

~My mom’s order~

02. California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

Bro’s order; he loves his sandwiches! Italian deli sandwich w/smashed pea + barley soup.

Mom’s original barbecue chicken pizza!

My dad’s salad. I can’t remember what it’s called and couldn’t find it on their online menu… >.<

My current favorite pizza at CPK! Chicken pesto with sun-dried tomatoes! (I don’t remember the “real” name”…)

03. Reel Club

My bro’s side dish: “cheesy potatoes with bacon”

unlimited cheese puffs! ^_^

Their iced tea is sooo good! There’s no additional flavoring, just fresh and simple..”natural”(?) tasting iced tea~

calamari ♥

♥combination sushi platter! this was SO DELICIOUS *_* ♥

a break from all the fancy restaurants; 1/2 order of Panera’s strawberry poppyseed salad & tuna sandwich on wheat~

04. Maggiano’s

Family Sunday lunch after Church; last day of my summer vacation aka last day of freedom…♥

I love their coffee! ♥ It’s so flavorful and bold that I prefer it black than with cream – cuts down the calories too! ^_^

Baked Rigatoni Pomodoro: “rigatoni pasta in pomodoro sauce with sliced Calabrian chicken sausage, roasted peppers and smoked mozzarella”

(Bro’s order) Chicken Francese: “parmesan-crusted chicken breasts sauteed with mushrooms, onions and Marsala sauce with angel hair aglio olio”

(Parents’ order) Linguine di Mara: “lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams and spicy lobster tomato broth”

& last but certainly not least my favorite dish of the ENTIRE month….

*drumroll please*

A Korean restaurant just opened up near my house. It is a bit Americanized so the menu was in English –> I do not know the real/formal name of this dish. On the menu it was called Hot and Cold Salad. So many wonderful flavors in this healthy dish…I could eat this everyday! If I did I probably wouldn’t have to worry about my weight so much, hehe.

I did some research and I think the name of this dish is “Jaengban Guksu” (but I am not so sure).

Whatever it’s called, it sure is DELICIOUS! ^_^ nomnomnom ♥

Anyway, that concludes August’s Monthly Noms; there was just so MUCH food this month, eh? Hehe I don’t think the month of September will be as exciting food wise since it’s pretty much school lunches everyday >.<

Till next time,

Steph ♥ 

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