Monthly Noms: August 2012 Part 1

September 7, 2012

photo 4

Again, I feel like a broken record.

But long time no post….

This is a super delayed Monthly Noms post for this past August and I can confidently say the delay was not due to my laziness, but due to something horrific called:


Yes, I started school August 27th and have been swarmed with a ridiculous amount of homework. Most of it is reading which sucks because I am very prone to falling asleep in the midst of reading boring textbooks. -_-

Now on to the NOMS! I took so many pictures in August that I have decided to split this month’s noms into two parts.


McDonald’s coffee (2 creams & one shot of hazelnut) with a Dunkin’ whole wheat bagel and strawberry cream cheese ♥

I rarely eat bagels because they are so heavy but I absolutely love them!

Went dorm shopping for my bro’s first year of college on one of the last Saturdays of the month~

Went to our local breakfast place; I had a half order of french toast, turkey sausage patties, and eggs.

My mom had German pancakes (which were kind of similar to crepes), ham, fruit and eggs. This place really gives out tons of eggs! We actually had an additional side order of 3 more eggs because my bro is allergic. My poor cholesterol :(

My bro had a bacon Belgian waffle and a side of hash browns which he drowned in ketchup – to the point where it didn’t look very appetizing or picture friendly…

What I Baked ^_^

I didn’t bake as much in August as I did earlier in the summer because it was so freakin’ hot that I couldn’t handle having the oven on.

Corn muffins! Now one of my favorite things to bake; super yummy & easy!

Another pic of some corn muffins…aren’t they so cute? Hehe, they were especially good when I used fresh Wisconsin corn! ^_^

Decided to use up some Bisquick and make a batch of Cheddar Bay Biscuits. This takes less than 30 min to mix and bake.

I didn’t have any whole milk so I decided to use up some buttermilk that was about to expire. I can’t explain the difference in taste but these tasted SO satisfying and extra yummy!


I didn’t whip up any of the following sweets; wish I were able to though!

Cranberry-orange shortbread cookie and lemon bar from a bakery near my mom’s work. She’s the sweetest for always bringing home delicious treats!

A solo pic of the lemon bar. This is the BEST and BIGGEST lemon bar I have ever eaten! It’s almost half the size of my face…and I have a pretty chubby face o_O;; My bro loves these so much that my mom always buys 2–>1 for him and another one for the rest of us to share.

Family dinner;; I don’t remember what this is called but it was basically layers of different chocolates ~ super rich and heavenly with coffee! My dad ordered this and I wish I had ordered the same thing…my order is down below >.<

As you can see, I totally edited this for Instagram. Again, I don’t remember what this was called but it had strawberries, bananas, and some type of cake (?) and whipped cream layered on top of each other. As I said before, my dad’s dessert was way better (in my opinion) because I don’t really like desserts with fruit in them AND this had pineapple as the bottom layer – which I absolutely hate and my dad loves. (I had to get it because it came with my meal).

My mom attended a baby shower and brought back this adorable red velvet cupcake. One of her friend’s daughter made it. It was so cute I had to set it on my vanity to take a picture of it surrounded by all my girly things, ha.

Two weeks before school started I went to a Japanese buffet with two of my friends. Please note this was still in August when I still had will power and knew the meaning of moderation. :( As for this month, I don’t think one little brownie and scoop of red bean ice cream would satisfy my “stress cravings”. *sigh*

My family and I went out to lunch after Sunday Church. We don’t go to PF Chang’s often but every time we do we always have to get their banana spring rolls with vanilla (?) ice cream. So scrumptious! (literally the perfect word to describe this dessert)~

This isn’t technically a dessert but everything I ate at PF Chang’s, including our dessert was paired up with this really good tea. I love the cute little tea pot; wish I had one of these at home.

My best friend and I LOVE Red Mango. After buying our textbooks we were craving Chipotle, and THEN craving Red Mango. Let’s just say it was a very “diet-friendly” day, lolz. Anyways, this is my friend’s frozen yogurt – pomegranate with fruity pebbles, mochi, & strawberry boba.

Here’s mine! I like things on the sweeter side so I got their cookie crumb frozen yogurt with almonds, brownie bites, chocolate covered pretzels & strawberry boba to cut the the sweetness overkill. XD Too bad I totally forgot to add mochi! >.<

Last but certainly not the least! The only homemade dessert and probably the healthiest too. I love the texture of steel cut oats but using brown sugar as sweetener just adds empty calories….so I decided to top off my oatmeal with matamis na saging or sweet banana with jackfruit. It is a Filipino dish which I ADORE and could eat everyday. It added the perfect amount of sweetness to my oatmeal. PERFECTION. ♥


Here are a few random pics that I couldn’t fit into any categories:

I’m not someone who’s crazy about beef and burgers but this joint by my house has awesome burgers! I can only finish half a burger though. As you can see from the pic I love my jalapenos. :D

Club sandwich and fries leftover from my mom’s lunch at work

A huge loaf of bread from Costco’s bakery; I believe this is the olive oil and rosemary one. This is great served warm with some olive oil and parmesan cheese for dipping. They are sold in pairs so if your family doesn’t feel like eating the 2nd one anytime soon, store it in the freezer to preserve it.

Favorite snacking and breakfast cereal of the month: Quaker Honey Nut Oatmeal squares with my favorite Chobani greek yogurt (one of my main sources of protein).

Whenever I see that there isn’t a ton of cereal left in the box, I transfer it into plastic baggies to save space…^_^

My dad and I love going grocery shopping at Hmart! Dried seaweed has been my alternative to chips these days; barely any calories! My mom usually steams red bean buns for breakfast at work. She wasn’t feeling well enough to go grocery shopping with us that day so my dad decided to buy the mocha ♥ cake which was so delicious!

Milk coffee is HUGE in Japan so I’m on the hunt for the best available milk coffee at Hmart! This was okay; a bit too sweet for my milk coffee tastes. It tasted very similar to Dunkin’s iced coffee but had a more straight up sugary taste to it…

My dad brought home some Japanese shrimp & tofu rice. Coming from someone who hardly eats rice, let me tell you I’m obsessed with this stuff! ♥♥♥

I ordered a venti iced coffee at Starbucks and they gave me a trenta! ^_^ Lucky me, hehe.

~ I drank this the last weekend of summer; last iced coffee of the summer ♥ farewell lazy days lolz~

Well, that’s it for Part 1. Super picture heavy, right? It took me more than one hour to write up this post. I think that’s the longest time it’s ever taken me to write up a food post…look out for part 2, coming soon! And as always thanks for reading!



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