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September 4, 2013

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I’ve been sporting graphic tees ever since I was a young child. However, the graphic tees I proudly wore throughout my childhood were nowhere near stylish; the graphics consisted of puppies and teddy bears. When I was in middle school, I remember wearing a green shirt that donned the question “How Can I Miss You if You Won’t Go Away?” — with an exit sign beneath it. I then stopped wearing graphic tees in high school (the time when I was going through a skinny jeans and cardigan phase). I found them  childish and stupid.

All of a sudden, it seems as if graphic tees are all over the place – and in a good way. The statements are no longer as corny (well, some still are…but I’m sure you get what I mean) and the graphics are actually cute and stylish at the same time. It’s all about color and the way the tee is presented; Disney characters on shirts and sweaters are actually trendy and considered fashionable these days.

With the abundance of graphic tees everywhere, I was inspired to film a lookbook featuring three tees that I own. I decided to pick three tees that were very different from each other. After all, no graphic tees carry the same vibe.

(L-R: Forever21, Hot Topic, Mom’s Closet)

Forever21 is a great place to buy trendy pieces for a decent price. I remember the day I purchased this tee because there’s an interesting story behind my decision on purchasing it. My mom and I planned on going to the mall that day and she had told me we’d be leaving in 30 minutes. I decided to watch APink’s latest performance of their comeback song, “No No No” (Apink is one of my favorite girl k-pop groups). For this particular stage, each member wore a black and white outfit. I noticed a few of the shirts looked familiar, specifically one with “love” written diagonally across the front. Apink’s leader Chorong, was wearing a shirt with bats on it. It looked vaguely familiar but I thought nothing of it. So my mom and I finally arrived at the mall and went into Forever21 first. I guess it was fate because my main purpose for going into F21 was to find a graphic tee for my lookbook, and one of the very first ones I encountered was the same bat tee! I had a mini fangirl heart attack and decided right then and there that I needed to buy it….

…..and the rest is history. :)

Everyone should own at least one band tee. It’s as much of an essential in one’s wardrobe as the basic white or black tee. But I am pretty sure boy band tees are not the type of band tees people gravitate towards. When one things of band tee, I believe rock or alternative bands are what comes to mind. I chose this New Kids on the Block tee mainly because:

1. I went through a phase (yes, I have gone through 100s of phases throughout my 20 years of living) where I was in love with 80s music, and New Kids on the Block were the hottest boy band during that decade.

2. It’s the only band tee I own. :)

The third graphic tee I decided to style is a wonderful piece. I found it in my mom’s closet a few years ago, never removed from it’s packaging. I love how it’s not your basic black or white solid tee with a graphic, but a nice shade of blue with white sleeves that have red detailing. This tee has so much character. The phrase “Suddenly this Summer,” is even in tiny studs (gems, rhinestones, whatever you’d like to refer those shiny things as).

So I’m pretty sure it was not necessary for me to go in depth on how I decided to feature these three tees in my lookbook, but I am in the mood to type away like no one’s business. I also drank too much Starbucks which has caused me to pull an all nighter as well. —currently 5:25AM.

So without any further adieu, here is my “How to Style Graphic Tees” lookbook! Hope you enjoy!

- Steph

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