I am an intercultural communications minor. It was not until my junior year that I became fascinated with the study of how human communication is understood across various cultures and social groups. I have taken two courses that made a significant impact on my education experience, allowing me to become more aware of how society works. One course is called Cultural Ways of Speaking, in which I studied the various speaking patterns found in a specific culture, and what effect they have within a social context. The second most significant course was a Gender and Communication class, which focused on the different communication patterns between men and women.


Aside from my education, I have always been fond of trying out different foods from various cultures, and absorbing everything about a culture in general. I love meeting new people at the events I attend. Above are a few pictures of people I’ve met at K-pop concerts and there is a picture of the day I met voice actress Monica Rial, who has dubbed numerous Japanese anime character voices from the former language to English.