Spring Makeup Trend: Bold Lips

April 3, 2014


While the past few weeks have been dreary and cold in Chicago, it is finally starting to warm up. The sun is currently shining and rainfall indicates spring’s presence. Sunshine or gloominess, one can still rock one of this season’s hottest makeup trends – bold lips. I enjoy observing what makeup people wear, whether it be my fellow classmates or celebrities. I have noticed simple […]

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APINK: Secret Garden Inspired Outfits

January 12, 2014


Happy 2014! I took a long break from blogging (nothing new >.<). So I have decided to make it a new year’s resolution to blog as much as possible. I will probably focus more on my Youtube channel this year , but for now I thought I’d share a video I uploaded at the end of the summer. Being a female kpop fan, it is […]

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Styling: Graphic Tees

September 4, 2013

graphic tee thumbnail

I’ve been sporting graphic tees ever since I was a young child. However, the graphic tees I proudly wore throughout my childhood were nowhere near stylish; the graphics consisted of puppies and teddy bears. When I was in middle school, I remember wearing a green shirt that donned the question “How Can I Miss You if You Won’t Go Away?” — with an exit sign […]

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Back to School 2013 Videos

August 27, 2013


Currently listening to: Beast’s “How to Love, Hard to Love” album (“너는 나빠”) ♪♫ Hey everyone, it’s that time of the year again – back to school! I know many people have already started school, while many  (like myself) are starting a bit later. I start in the beginning of September while most of my friends had their first day of classes yesterday. Time goes by […]

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Serious Foodporn Part Three

August 26, 2013

i usually bring food to school bc i hate spending money on school food. bought some tea to go with the fried plantains my dad prepared for breakfast ^_^

So I’m finally uploading the rest of my food pictures, in part 3 of the serious foodporn spam. Let’s just get straight into it! And that concludes the third installment! I might do an additional foodporn post after the fourth one because I can’t seem to quit taking pictures of my food. ~Steph

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