Sistar "Give it to Me" Makeup Tutorials (씨스타 메이크업 )

July 8, 2013


Hi everyone,

as always…long time no post.

I do plan on changing this thing called “lack of motivation”. While I seem to have no motivation when it comes to blogging these days, I have been very consistent with my youtube channel. I’ve uploaded quite a few videos in the past few months and will be filming a makeup tutorial and celebrity inspired lookbook this week. ^_^

Here are two makeup tutorials I recently filmed and uploaded. If you are familiar with k-pop, then I am sure you know the group Sistar. They’re lastest comeback with “Give it to Me” is making an all-kill. I myself love the song, and as always adore the fashion and makeup. I decided to recreate  Hyorin’s makeup looks. Hope you enjoy!


YouTube Preview Image

I am highly considering goin on a legit diet. This summer has been “so-so” for me in terms of dieting/fitness. So if I decide to go through with it, I’ll most likely be blogging about my meals/fitness routine and the overall experience.

Anyways, that’s all for now

~Steph ♥

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